Grassley wrong to not hold hearings on Supreme Court Justice nomination.

The announcement by Senator Grassley, (and other Senate Republican leaders), that the Senate Judiciary Committee would not even hold hearings on President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, before a nominee is even announced, sets a bad precedent.  The Senate may have the power to not even consider a nominee, but what is to stop this kind of thing from getting even further out of control?  If a Democrat is elected President this November, and the Republicans maintain control of the Senate, will the Senate withhold its consent for four more years in order, “…to protect the will of the American people…”?  The Senate would have the power to do that too.  And the Democrats would do the same to a Republican President’s nominee just as soon as they got the chance.  The Republicans, and Senator Grassely, should hold the hearings and then vote the nominee up or down.