Fed subsidy of Iowa housing.

On 10/9/2012, The Des Moines Register reported that the Des Moines City Council granted $3 million in federal economic relief funding for 134 new apartments in downtown’s Des Moines Building.  The Register reported earlier that the funding comes by way of the Iowa Economic Development Authority and is intended to provide economic relief for the 85 counties that flooded in 2008.  I don’t  believe there was any flooding of the Des Moines Building in 2008.  The federal government has no proper business subsidizing housing in Des Moines, Iowa.  This is a perfect example of the kind of federal spending that must be ended.

Don’t protect taxi profits.

There is no good reason for the City of Des Moines to regulate taxi cabs about anything other than safety. Taxi cabs should be safe. Other than that, the free competitive market should determine how many cabs want to compete and where they can compete. Maybe there should be less regulation of the taxi dispatch businesses. Your article on 6/12/2012 did not indicate the economic status of the dispatch companies. With new communication technologies it is very possible that dispatch service costs could be dramatically lowered. In Key West, Florida I was in a taxi where the driver also was doing the dispatch from her taxi.

The State of Iowa regulates pharmacies for the safety of the public. The State does determine how many pharmacies can be in business or protect the profitability of pharmacies. As a result, many small independent pharmacies have closed. There is nothing wrong with that. Government should not be in the business of making sure that businesses make profits – like they do for farmers.