I live in Urbandale, Iowa.   I  blog about political and economic issues in the World, the U.S., Iowa and the Des Moines area.   I believe there is a proper but limited role for government in our lives.  That limited role is well described in our Constitution.  Since governments derive their just powers from the governed, government’s use of force should be limited to those actions which an individual would be morally justified in using.

I am retired. I was a part owner of pharmacy and home medical equipment related businesses for many years. I hold a BS degree in accounting, an MBA, and was a CPA for many years.

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  1. Kurt, I believe I know you from the republican party. I enjoyed your blog entries and newspaper letters. I agree with a lot of your positions.
    I also believe marijuana legislation is needed.
    I do not use marijuana, but I believe the republican party in Iowa should spearhead a legalization like Colorado. It would create a great revenue source. Untie the hands of police and penal systems to focus on more violent crime. It would began to win the war on drugs from central America. It will also make the republican party relavent again. The party very much needs a new image. The party I lived in the 70s 80s and 90s


  2. Kurt- I read your “Letter to Editor this morning. I somewhat understand your Libertarian views. BUT, you and your group gladly participate in many of the government supported & regulated luxuries such as roads, water , power and the like. And, while you don’t like regulations from the government, I’m sure you can imagine if business and corporations had NO oversight by the people’s government ? Perhaps a different view of “stand your ground” may come about from the people affected ? I obviously don’t know the details of this drug, perhaps it’s not even on the general market yet. Perhaps you could have given more actual facts about the drug and if it is still not released to the public ? Help ? I would still would imagine though that this $Million dollar monthly fee for a lifesaving drug had much tax relief and other sources of support beyond the realm of citizen powers ? But, first and foremost, would you sacrifice your Mom or Dad’s life when you knew there was a way to extend their life and living ? That is not to say that religion should always have control of when actual life and death is at hand. I believe you and I can agree on that one. Just my thoughts. Thank you for having an open site. Denny Reynolds


    • Thanks for your comment, Denny.

      I don’t know how the million dollars per month was being spent. I sure wish they made that information public.

      I do believe there is a proper role for government – as outlined in our Constitution. For me, that includes things like roads, sewer systems, clean water. Power is already privatized and works well. Of course courts, law making, and defense are proper. But as much as possible and reasonable practical, decisions should be left to individuals.

      In the case of my parents, or wife of children, I would not expect “society” to pay a million dollars a month. I would spend all of my own money if it meant them living a meaningful life. (I have participated in decisions to stop further care for relatives – because it was the right thing to do in the circumstances.) It is not pure libertarian, but I don’t have a problem paying taxes to help those who truly cannot help themselves – a safety net – but not unlimited.


  3. I agree almost 100 % based on my past life (born 1943) where I went to Country school on mud roads was able to support myself and family working in the printing industry. Won’t bore you with details. But, for example, living in small town Iowa (600+) we had two doctors that came to our house when ill. I had a long bout with pneumonia with fever of 105 in about 1951 and the Dr. after bathing in ice sent to D.M. for a new drug called an anti-biotic that cost $1 per pill. We has moved to town and my dad worked at a John Deere store and happened to make a $1 per hour that may have saved my life ? Then in about 1952 after all things that attracted people like swimming pools, churches and any gathering not necessary were cancelled because of the polio epedemic. One day in ’52 I think in school we were given a sugar cube to swallow that had a pink substance on it. (Salk Vaccine) As I remember there was no charge and I heard later that Dr. Salk did not get rich from his discovery but was just thankful for the result. And, now we have this $Million dollar drug ? Was there not a University that was probably working on that and then passed in on to a corporation to dispense. And, who are making the most from this new medicine, the University that probably discovered the effects or the system that bought control of it ? I will close with another example from way back in 1954. Again living in small town SW Iowa my Mother needed an operation that required coming to D.M. I have a copy of the bill from then. Cost of 7 days in the hospital was $9.50 per day or $66.50. Drugs, dressings and supplies were 420.75. Operating room was $20. X-ray was $5. Anesthesia was $20 and the Surgeon cost was $200 for a total of $346.75. My dad was probably making a little more than $1 an hour by then but at the former wage he would have to work about 347 hours to pay off the bill. Compare that to today’s world of surgery and hospital expense and if the common working class people were making $50 an hour how many hours would they have to work to pay off a similar bill of today ? That is how I try to justify today’s healthcare costs, which I think is the proper way to compare. But how many fingers are in the “pot” these days like the insurance industry that no doubt really ads considerable to the Bill these days ? Just a wandering mind and your response was very more compassionate and understanding compared to your LTE. :<}


    • Sorry Kurt. I found many typos in this 74 yr old remarks. Especially glaring was the 420.75 instead of $20.75 for dressings etc. ;<}


  4. Thank you for your letter in today’s Wall Street Journal. What we have done to Mexico is just outrageous. And then I read those other letters and I thought “Who are these people?”
    Maggie Kohls North Dakota


  5. Hi, there. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years now, I think. I’m wondering if you’re interested in public speaking at all. I have an event coming and we’d love to have you if you’re willing.


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