Capitalism versus Socialism

Kurt Johnson

Here is a YouTube video that is anti-capitalism, and my comments and then a reply to my comments, then my comment again.

My original comment: Under free market capitalism no one is forced to buy anything from anyone, and no one is forced to work for anyone else. People buy things because they value the things they’re buying more than the money they willingly pay for the product. People work for employers because it’s a better job than their other alternatives. Of course in a free-market capitalist system anyone is able to save their own money and start their own business and become a capitalist. Nobody is stealing anything from anyone. There is so much wrong with this video.REPLY

Reply to my comment from the YouTube channel producer: COVID has shown that work under capitalism is not voluntary for most workers. Millions of workers do NOT want to risk their lives for minimum wage at jobs that do not offer PPE, paid sick leave and sufficient healthcare, yet they have been forced to make the choice between risking their lives at Taco Bell and Hobby Lobby vs. becoming homeless (in most states ~50% of renters are facing eviction) and/or starving (BEFORE COVID 1 in 7 americans relied on food banks, now there are lines of cars at food banks miles long and food supply networks are failing). TELLING workers that we can just go work for someone else isn’t going to save you from the end of capitalism. We intuitively know that we are being coerced and it’s only a matter of time, and extension of failures of the capitalist system, before workers finally become fully conscious of the nature of our oppression and the power of striking and work stoppages. Capitalism WILL fail, the only question is, can we as workers end it before it completely destroys our planet’s environment?

My reply to YouTube channel producer: All work is voluntary… – at least in the U.S. unless you are in prison or are being illegally forced. If you have no other means of support we do have a safety net which a person can subsist on. Nobody forces people to make choices between work and homelessness? Homelessness must be terrible, but it is a way to live. Most people do not choose homelessness. They choose to work. There is nothing wrong with getting food from food banks. I support several personally in addition to the taxes I pay. I believe that people have a natural right to use their bodies as they choose and also have a right to keep the private property that they justly earn. There is a proper place for government and taxes in a civil society, and we should provide a minimum safety net for those who are unable to provide for themselves. Ideally, the safety net is provided through private charity, but if by government, that government should be as local as possible. But the safety net that we provide is a gift, not a right. People have not natural rights that require the action or property of others. Our governments should not grant people what are called “positive rights” that burden others. People have natural “negative rights” that place no burden on others. Some of those negative rights are written in the Bill Of Rights in our U.S. Constitution. Our U.S. government was created to secure our pre-existing natural rights for ourselves and our posterity.

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