How to raise a snowflake.

Recently, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reported that a ninth-grade teacher in the Iowa City school district was teaching her students about the enormous challenges faced by freed slaves in 1865.  She assigned her students to put themselves in the place of a freed slave and write four sentences about difficulties they would have faced, given that they were illiterate and had only known slavery.  A student of color in the online class was “uncomfortable” with the assignment and her mother didn’t want to let, “one soul make you uncomfortable for who you are.”. The district put the teacher on administrative leave because of her actions.  The mother is demanding that the teacher apologize.  A spokesperson said the district “does not support and will not tolerate this type of instruction.”  The teacher’s intentions were good – and that matters!  The student, parent, and school district could have taken the opposite position: That going through an uncomfortable situation can make us mentally stronger and more resilient.  Which approach has the better result?

Link to Press-Citizen article:

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