Crony capitalism, balancing pandemic spending, pressure on politicians to spend

The tendency of capitalism to lead to crony capitalism is perpetual and pervasive. Over time, it seems that the cronies are winning. Our governments subsidize most of farming, all energy production, all mineral extraction industries, big exporters, hedge fund managers, most research, and on and on. It depresses me. I think the general answer to the problem is to reduce the size and scope of government. We DO need government for many things, as established in our Constitution, including public health and response to pandemics such as we are experiencing now. But right now, politicians appear to not be doing any balancing of costs versus benefits. We accept that tens of thousands of people die from the flu every year, we accept tens of thousands of people dying in auto accidents every year. In both cases many of the deaths are preventable, but at what cost? A cost that most of us don’t want to pay. We want to live our lives in some normal kind of way. I think it is almost impossible for politicians in the current situation to vote against anything that is proposed, including crony special interest spending. So, I say put some pressure on politicians to limit current bailout spending to really necessary spending that is directly related to the pandemic, and that is temporary.

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