Respond to racist speech with opposing speech, not government censorship.

It is good that our U.S. Constitution prohibits our government from restricting our right to free speech.  That includes the racist hate speech of the owner of a Wi-Fi network near the Iowa State University campus.  As reported in the Register, when people search for a Wi-Fi network near the ISU campus, they find a network named “Hang that N _ _ _ _ _!”.  (See link to Register “Reader’s Watchdog” article below.)
If we allowed our government to censor racist and other hate speech, it would only drive the racists and hate-mongers underground, and give them a martyr-like status among other racists.  Instead, by allowing such speech, individuals and groups (but not government) are able to confront and oppose their ideas and publicly shame them if needed.
In this case, I urge activist students and others to use current technology, like the app inSSIDer,  to find the location of the Wi-Fi router and then to protest and picket at that location.

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