Transgendered okay in the military, but sex change surgery should not be paid for by taxpayers.

A transgendered person should be eligible to serve in the military, just like just like every other man or women, and just like every other gay or straight person.  If they are qualified to do the job, then government should not discriminate against them based on their transgendered status.  That does not mean the military or taxpayers should foot the bill for sex change operations.  Just as being transgendered is not a disease, surgery to to change a person’s sex is not a medical necessity.  Transgendered folks will can be completely healthy without a sex change operation.  So, sex change operations should be considered elective, and not be required to be covered by any insurance plan, including that of the military.

2 thoughts on “Transgendered okay in the military, but sex change surgery should not be paid for by taxpayers.

  1. Erectile dysfunction drugs aren’t a medical necessity either, but the military pays quite a bit of money for those every year because that’s part of the benefit servicemembers are entitled to in exchange for their commitment to the military. On the list of expenses causing bloat to the military budget, I highly doubt gender affirming surgery or ED treatment would make the first page, so starting by cutting either of those is like cleaning a hoarder’s house by picking the lint of their shirt.

    Just as it’s between a woman and her doctor to make the best decision when it comes to reproductive health and pregnancy, deciding what is “medically necessary” or the best path for the individual is between a transgender person and their doctor, not laypeople or government officials who are not medical professionals.


  2. You make some good points. I would agree that erectile dysfunction medications are not medically necessary and should not be required to be covered by either government or private insurance plans. If people had to pay out of pocket for their ED meds., I’m quite sure that the prices would go down dramatically. I know first hand about the price differentials between U.S. and Canadian pharmacies for a particular ED med. How can we make health insurance affordable if every possible drug or procedure is required to be covered?


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