Highway message signs – a waste of taxpayer money and unsafe!

Why do we have Iowa Department of Transportation employees taking their expensive time trying to come up with entertaining “quips” for the 74 message signs on our interstate highways.  (See link below to Des Moines Register article, 10/6/2015 “Life-saving messages fuel roadside quips”) There has been much talk in the Iowa Legislature about whether or not we should have laws or regulations to reduce driving while distracted.  And yet, ironically, our own Iowa DOT has created a significant distraction.  I have not yet once seen a message on the signs on I-235 that would actually help reduce accidents or improve safety.  It may be nice, but it surely is not necessary to know how many minutes it takes to get to downtown or the west side.  We might save money and lives if we just take them down.


LInk to Register article: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/local/kyle-munson/2015/10/05/iowa-department-of-transportation-digital-message-sign-humor-zero-fatalities/73231720/

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