Newspaper should be able to fire editor for expression of religious beliefs

The Des Moines Register reported today (7/24/2014) that, “An Iowa newspaper editor fired after publishing his views on homosexuals is claiming he was the victim of religious discrimination by his former employer.”  He has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Editors of newspapers should not be protected by laws against discrimination in employment based on religious belief.  Newspapers are privately owned businesses that typically express the opinions of their owners.  They benefit our society by their independent advocacy regarding public policy.   They should not be forced by government to employ editors who hold beliefs contrary to their own – especially political or public policy beliefs.  Owners of newspapers should be free to fire editors at will, unless they have entered into an employment contract to the contrary.  For government to force a newspaper to continue to employ an editor is wrong and is bad public policy.

Link to Register article:

3 thoughts on “Newspaper should be able to fire editor for expression of religious beliefs

  1. Kurt,

    I trust, then, that you’d have no problem with a Christian student organization at any college or university, public or private, denying an atheist membership in that organization.


  2. John,

    You are correct… generally. I have to think about public funding of such organizations. When public funds (taxes) are used, it creates a problem. Usually, when public funds are used, organizations are required to be open to everyone. I am clearly for freedom of association, but I shouldn’t be forced to pay for your association. Taxes are taken under threat of force by government. So, as I think about it, if public money is used, organizations should be required to be open to all. If the organization want to be exclusive, and deny membership to some, then public funds should not be used.

    Thanks for your comment, John.


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