Stop crop insurance subsidy!

Taxpayers subsidize about  60% of the premiums that farmers pay for crop insurance – regardless of how wealthy the farmer is, regardless of the income of the farmer, and regardless of whether or not the owner actually even works on a farm.  Crop insurance covers not only losses due to disasters, but it also covers losses due to low prices.  There is no ethical, moral, or food security reason why wealthy farm owners should be receiving any subsidy.  Most farms, like most other businesses, need disaster insurance.  But, there is no good reason why taxpayers should subsidize the premiums.  Farmers say they need a 5-year farm bill so that they can properly plan.  That is understandable.  Let’s let them plan on not receiving any subsidy on their crop insurance.

3 thoughts on “Stop crop insurance subsidy!

  1. Do you own farm? So you want foreign entities to own all the farm ground in the USA someday so you can starve because you are an America? Have you ever sat on a tractor and plowed the soil for wheat so you can have a cheap loaf of bread? Did you ever pull a calf from a cow in the snow or rain? Do you want to pay 20 bucks for a loaf of bread? Seriously… just doesn’t grow in the grocery store….


    • Karen, No, I don’t own a farm. Just tell me why taxpayers should subsidize farming. Why shouldn’t’ commodity prices just be left to the free market and let farmers and insurance companies agree among themselves what a fair insurance premium is. Taxpayers should not subsidize the program. I think that free world trade is the most compatible with individual liberty and will bring the most consistent and lowest priced products to the market. Government managed economies have proven that they cannot be as fair or efficient as free markets. I am part owner of one of the few remaining independent pharmacies in the Des Moines area. Government would exceed its moral authority if it subsidized 60% of the cost of pharmacy insurance policies – regardless of size or profitability SDAmer for farms.


  2. Farmers can’t regulate the insurance companies… companies are “legalized mafia.” If you want to keep food at a low price to feed Americans and the world, our government needs to keep in the circle. Don’t get me wrong, I do not like “big” government but the USDA and all its entities are there for a reason….so Americans can afford a loaf of bread. I pay insurance for my farm with no help from the taxpayers. I would have to give my farm to a lawyer and his judge friends as court costs just to deal with some unforeseen issue that can arrive managing a farm. I congratulate you on dealing with the big competition of those giant Box Stores down the street in your neighborhood. Please understand, many people depend on farmers for food.
    Just don’t let a King from the Middle East or China buy up all our soil so they can control how much you pay for bread and milk because an American farmer went bankrupt due to a drought, flood or a rampant disease to the cattle on that farm.


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