Stop auto sales prohibition!

Iowa prohibits auto sales on Sundays!  Aaron Gott’s commentary in The Des Moines Register about the unconstitutional anti-competitive protections given to automobile dealers and others was spot on.  (7/19/2013 “Don’t let laws play favorites”)  I don’t know if Iowa law prohibits automobile manufacturers from selling directly to consumers in Iowa, but if so, that law should be repealed.  I do know that Iowa law still prohibits automobile dealers from being open for business on Sundays. That law only benefits auto dealers, not the citizens of Iowa. Many businesses in Iowa would love to be closed one day a week if the government forced all of their competitors to do the same.   Our legislators need to stand up against the well funded automobile dealers and repeal this anti-consumer, special interest protection law.

One thought on “Stop auto sales prohibition!

  1. Hi Kurt, thank you for the kind words. Iowa Code § 322.3(14) prohibits an automobile manufacturer from being licensed as, owning an interest in, or controlling a motor vehicle dealer, save for some very narrow exceptions. Most if not all states have similar provisions.

    Send me an email if you’re interested in further discussing anticompetitive legislation more generally (I couldn’t find a link to your email address on this blog). I have some stuff you might find intriguing.


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