Don’t mandate rear-view cameras!

It is very sad every time we read about a child being hurt or killed when a driver accidentally runs over the child while backing up.  (See The Des Moines Register – 4/11/2013 – “Rear-view cameras could have saved tot, Iowan says”)  So, it is understandable why parents who have experienced this tragedy would lobby Congress to require all new cars to have a rear-view camera.  Unfortunately, rear-view cameras would not prevent most of these accidents.  I have had a rear-view camera for several years and, like most people, I look at it when I know there is something behind me – for example when parallel parking.  Otherwise, when I am backing up, I am also looking at side view mirrors and both left and right to see if there is any other traffic or obstacles   If we must require all new cars to have a backup accident prevention device,then it should be a device with a sensor that sounds an alarm if it detects something near the back of the car.

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