Raw milk should be allowed in Iowa

Informed adults should not be prevented by government from selling and buying raw milk.  Adults are able to understand the risks associated with drinking  non-pasteurized milk.  It is proper for government to require safety warning labels on raw milk.  It is also proper for government and charitable safety organizations to educate people about the risks associated with consuming raw milk.  But adults should not be prevented by government from selling and buying raw milk.  Iowa should repeal or amend laws that prohibit the sale of raw milk.  All the states surrounding Iowa allow the sale of raw milk.

This issue is really no different drug prohibition.  People own their bodies and should be free to put into their bodies what ever they want so long as they don’t unreasonably endanger others.


5 thoughts on “Raw milk should be allowed in Iowa

    • John, It is interesting how negative it sounds when you write it that way, but we reasonably endanger ourselves many times every day: Walking. Driving. Eating things that might be under-cooked. etc. Many activities of daily life involve reasonable dangers. Most of life is not risk free. We take reasonable risks. Usually, government leaves us alone to make informed decisions about the risks we take. We should not be prohibited by government from taking the risks associated with drinking raw milk.


  1. Kurt, I understand your point and agree with you that people do take reasonable risks every day. I think the real issue here is how to define “reasonable” in a way whereby nearly everyone can agree. Short of that, we need a mediator to help us reach a compromise or consensus, or an arbiter to decide for us (which the state has apparently already done). I would assume that this issue is much too complicated and controversial to simply assert that, “Informed adults should not be prevented by government from selling and buying raw milk.”


  2. John, I hope you’re are just kidding. I think that anyone today who goes to the effort to buy raw, unpasteurized milk will also be very careful to use it quickly and store it safely. I’m not saying their should be no regulation, but that regulation should be limited to safety labeling.


  3. Kurt, your raw milk title caught my eye this morning. I grew up drinking raw milk. Of course this was about 30 years ago and in GA. I never experienced adverse effects or heard of any issues surrounding a lack of pasteurization. I invite you and John Horning to watch the documentary Farmageddon. It affectedly documents and illustrates the issues that farmers and their customers are facing right now. From individual state regulations to the USDA’s bulling tactics, you get a taste of what a struggle it can be to provide whole, safe food. A mass movement is a foot to take back control of what we are putting in our bodies. And as wonderful as technology is in helping humans in numerous ways we know that the system is flawed. In that, the very system that was created to protect consumers (ie. pasteurization process or CAPO’s) is now often making us sick or just simply stripping food of it’s healthy properties..
    Many people want to know where their food is from and who is producing it. This has created a checks and balances system here locally through transparency and face to face relationships.


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