Iowa to lose F-16s

Every state in the nation fights tooth and nail to stop the loss of any defense money that flows into it.  Iowa is no different.  All of Iowa’s elected federal representatives have stood united in trying to save the F-16 unit based in Des Moines.  Amazingly, our 21 F-16s require the support of about 1,000 full and part time airmen.  Of course, this brings millions of dollars to Iowa.  If we lose the F-16s, our delegation will still work hard to minimize the loss of dollars flowing to Iowa.  As reported in the Register, “…congressional aides said Tuesday that number [of jobs lost] could now be as few as 32 full-time airmen.”  This shows how difficult it is to reduce the military budget.  We can accept that fighting wars are very messy and very inefficient, but we should at least try to reduce the inefficiency.  I expect (and hope) that the cuts to the Iowa National Guard will be matched by proportional cuts in other states and around the world.  In a perfect world, there would be no waste in the defense department and money would only be spend on things that truly improve our security.  But, it is in the nature of our political process to spend taxpayer dollars in a way that must benefit every state, rather than what is in the best interest of the defense and security of our country.


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