7 year old wants to save PBS Kids.

It is admirable that Stella K. Linn, age 7, wrote a letter to the editor in support of PBS Kids.  (Des Moines Register, 10/9/2012)   It is too bad that she doesn’t understand Mitt Romney’s position.  Mitt Romney supports public broadcasting just like Stella and me.  He wants them to continue their excellent programming.  He just thinks that public broadcasting should be supported by people who voluntarily give their own money, and not by tax money that government takes by force.  I have made contributions to Iowa Public TV and to Iowa Public Radio for many years.    But I agree with Romney that it is not right to force people to pay if they don’t want to.  I hope that Stella’s parents teach her to give her own money to support public broadcasting, and to not expect our government to force other people to pay for the things she wants.


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