Cut federally funded research!

On 9/30/2012, in the Opinion section of the Sunday Register two supporters of government funded scientific research wrote that across-the-board budget cuts might, “…cripple key areas of science by slashing federal investment in research and development by an estimated 8.4% between now and 2017.”  They referred to the cuts as a, “…slash and burn approach…”  Our federal government spends about $140 billion each year on a wide variety of scientific research.  Our wishes and desires for research are unlimited.   Our ability to pay is not.  If we cannot cut research spending by 8.4% over 5 years we can never solve our budget problem.  We either need to let the automatic budget cuts go forward, or require that our politicians cut equal amounts.  If not, sooner rather than later we will face a crisis like Greece.

See Des Moines Sunday Register, 9/30/2012, Opinion section, “Another View: ‘SEQUESTRATION’ WOULD BE BAD FOR SCIENCE— AND ECONOMY” – (I couldn’t find the link.)

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