Iowans prefer Medicare voucher plan!

The Des Moines Register’s report on the Iowa Poll on Sunday, 9/30/2012, reported that 45% of Iowans prefer to, “Change the way Medicare works to provide seniors with the option of a subsidy to help pay for regular health insurance in the private market” as the most popular way to prevent Medicare from running out of money.  Less popular were the options of increasing taxes (26%) or cutting benefits (9%).  20% were not sure.  It’s pretty clear that a voucher program is the way most Iowans prefer to fix our Medicare funding problem.  Of course, if the Iowa Poll had given Iowans the choice, “Do nothing – don’t touch my Medicare”, the results might have been different.

We do need to solve this problem, so thanks to the Iowa Poll for not giving people the “Do nothing” choice.  A voucher system would contain costs, give freedom to people to choose the kind of coverage they want, and still provide a substantial safety net to meet people’s health care needs.

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