Wind energy special interest politics.

Joe Baker’s letter supporting wind energy in the Register on 8/16/2011 is a perfect example of special interest politics. He included the following benefits of wind energy: employees of wind energy companies benefit, and farmers and land owners who lease land for wind farms benefit. He wrote, “Iowa politicians know that wind energy is creating benefits here at home.” So it really doesn’t matter that wind energy cannot stand on its own economically, and that taxpayers must pay billions to benefit the special interests. It is exactly this kind of thinking that has gotten us into the huge budget deficit mess that will burden our children and grandchildren for decades to come.

2 thoughts on “Wind energy special interest politics.

  1. While I’m not for subsidizing in general, it is only fair that the government make the playing field equal in regards to renewable energy production. We subsidized the oil and gas, coal, and nuclear industries since the 1940s at a tax cost of many billions of dollars. This advanced these industries in regards to cleanliness and productivity at a faster rate than otherwise would have occurred. The huge subsidies of these industries are what made them so profitable and encouraged investment. Much of the money went to research. Today the renewable sector is simply asking for the same treatment, actually a lot less, as the subsidies are far less for this sector due to the influence of oil and gas industry PACs. Recently one of the largest managers of energy in the country, Exelon, decide it was no longer profitable to build more nuclear facilities when the government isn’t subsidizing it heavily (when companies understand the long term costs, and they are shouldered with the insurances and disposal it is no longer profitable for them). Energy in general is not a normal commodity. The US, like most other countries in the world, needs to understand this and realize that the only way to be competitive internationally is for the government to support our production of energy and help move it in a positive direction and not backwards. Oil and gas producers and also investors will continue to direct us in backwards until they have squeezed every last drop of profit out of their old dinosaur. In the meantime, other countries will be investing in renewable energy for the future and not be just considering the cash profit of today and yesterday.


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