Chick-fil-a is wrong, but that’s okay.

The owners of Chick-fil-a have spoken out against gay marriage, and have financially supported groups that are against gay marriage. Many supporters of “traditional marriage” have shown their support for Chick-fil-a by patronizing their stores. Many who oppose discrimination against gay marriage have boycotted and protested against Chick-fil-a.

All of these peaceful and private actions are morally acceptable and should be politically acceptable. What we don’t want is for government to get involved. Privately owned businesses, even though they open their doors to the public, do not give away their private property rights or speech rights. People should be free to speak on both sides of the issue. Rallys, protests, and boycotts by groups for or against gay marriage rights should be allowed without interference by government.

Our laws should not discriminate against people who are peaceful and honest. The force of government should not used to require owners of privately owned businesses to provide products or services that are against their moral philosophy. In the case of Chick-fil-a, they should be able to employ or say, or do whatever they want as long as they don’t use any force or fraud against others and don’t infringe on the same rights of others.

One thought on “Chick-fil-a is wrong, but that’s okay.

  1. I made a special trip to Jordan Creek Mall yesterday for the sole purpose of walking to the front of Chic-fil-A and, shaking my thumbs-down sign, scolded, “Shame! Shame! Shame!” I was disgusted to see humdreds of homophobes standing in line to express their “appreciation” for institutional bigotry and discrimination. Obvious by the vans in the parking lot, many of these people were “christians.” What is a more christian thing to teach children (many were in line), but institutional bigotry, homoophobia, and discrimination? This country tried that. We called it slavery, and then we called it Jim Crow laws. Now, thankfully, most Americans simply call this “ignorance.”


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