Globalization benefits all.

Contrary to the letter by Steve Throssel in the Des Moines Register on July 2, 2012, globalization IS the way out of this mess. (See: Globalization not the way out of finance mess.) The only reason that people voluntarily trade with one another is because both parties gain from the trade. Only when government restricts trade are people made worse off. When government restricts trade at least one party is made to pay more for whatever they are trading. The benefits of trade restrictions go to those who are being protected at the cost of higher prices paid by those who are not protected. Often, it is ultimately the poorest people who pay the higher prices. Those who have few work skills will always have difficulty getting higher paying jobs. But putting up trade barriers raise prices for the working poor and at the same time make the automation of repetitive tasks more economical. In a free society, government should not prohibit or restrict the social interactions of people who are acting honestly, peacefully and voluntarily.

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