Anything that is peaceful – a libertarian philosophy.

Leonard Read wrote the book, “Anything that’s peaceful.” It expressed the fundamental libertarian philosophy that we are each born free individuals and should be left alone by our government to pursue happiness any way we want as long as we don’t use fraud or unjustified force against anyone else. The force of government should not be used against people acting honestly, peacefully, and voluntarily with one another. Government may be the price we pay for a civil society, buy government force should not be used to take the life, liberty or justly owned property of peaceful and honest individuals. Taxes should be voluntary and users of goods and services should mostly pay their own way. Government power should be limited to those same powers that are morally justified for individuals to use. For example, you can morally capture and punish a person who attacks you, so our government can have a criminal justice system and a national defense program, But, you cannot morally take justly owned property from another person because they have too much and you have too little, or because you want to spend it on defense or roads or something else that everyone might benefit from and which will otherwise have some “free riders.”

I ask you, what is the moral justification for using the force of government to take the life, liberty, or property of a peaceful person?


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