Abortion pill is okay.

During the first two months of pregnancy, women should be free to have abortions. It is wrong to use force, including the force of law and government, to prohibit a woman from removing from her body a fetus that is only a few weeks old. There does come a time when the fetus becomes a baby to be protected, but that is not during the first two months. The fetus becomes a baby to be protected when it becomes viable – that is, when the baby can be delivered out of the mother’s womb and survive using current technology. Once the baby is to be protected, then a mother should be required to take reasonable care when delivering the baby from her body. If we require the mother to carry the baby until birth, then we must be willing to pay the cost of the pregnancy and birth and life of that baby. The mother should not be legally required to care for or sustain, or pay the costs of the baby unless the mother wants to keep the baby.


5 thoughts on “Abortion pill is okay.

  1. I’m quite disturbed reading your blog. How could you say that a 2-month baby can still be aborted? Have experienced that to yourself? A fetus in a second trimester has functioning organs, nerves and muscles. Your baby’s sex become apparent, the skeleton is developing bones, and your baby begins to hear. Responsibility comes when two partners decided to consume each other. I believe that when a woman starts to conceive, she becomes a mother now.


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